GORDALE, a creative focal point, for unique design Baggage, freestyle Fashion and Accessories.

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A glint of Individualism

If you’re a committed individualist, then GORDALE could be for you. Basically, we try to take commercial out of commercial fashion. Most of the design range collections are limited & hand made, GORDALE designs are typical for 1890s durable and made to last. Concluding with a small side note, we also sell Basics for your everyday lifestyle. 



An assorted collection of basic and design headwear, our designed traditional English and Irish headwear is carefully made or selected with a quality found only among master hatmakers.


Need a T-shirt?, then get busy with a T-shirt from GORDALE, blank or exclusive screen printed, each one numbered in a selection of lightweight, middle, and heavyweight fabrics.


Nothing to fret about with GORDALE design baggage, resilient, durable and chic, they hold when others drop, it’s as simple as that.


The passionate pursuit of Assorted Accessories, basic, designed, recycled, upcycled, if it’s nice, utilitarian, feels good, makes you feel good we must have it, and you may discover it here.

Ltd. Edition ART GALLERY

The Gallery of Art and Fine Print Photography  “Our art pieces live in any creative space

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